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Simprolit three-layer plates (SUP)
                       and Simprolit single-layer plates (SOP)

                                    for facade insulation

Basic properties

Simprolit insulation plate – is a composite product consisting of styrofoam, cement
and special admixtures and it represents a part of Simprolit system for facade

Simprolit plates are easy to work with, they are characterized by excellent adhesion
between composite layers, having also good frost-resistance (a structure made of
Simprolit SUP plates prevents joints from freezing), as well as exceptional high
temperature resistance. All these facts are very important for the complete
durability of a thermally insulated facade in any climate region (it is a well known
fact that the temperature measured on the facade surface could amount to 80°C,
depending on its color and rate of exposure to the direct sun light).

Simprolit plates are mostly applied for facade thermoinsulation of already
constructed buildings.

Also, Simprolit plates may be applied as an intermediate layer between concrete
and formwork, acting as a thermal protection of concrete facade walls, beams and
columns. After dismounting of the formwork, concrete elements protected with
Simprolit plates may be plastered immediately, or just skimmed without additional
reinforcement or "rabic" netting.

Application of Simprolit plates in upper floors and attics construction is also very
practical. Namely, these plates can be used as both thermo-insulation and
suspended ceiling plates, which could be just skimmed with cement paste mixed
with fine sand, or with cement-based glue right after mounting. Upon request, they
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