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Simprolit polystyrene concrete

Simprolit polystyrene concrete - is a patented mixture made of expanded polystyrene granules,
Portland cement, water and special admixtures, with best thermo-physical properties in the class
of light-weight concretes:

    ? excellent ecological (sanitary-epidemiological) properties, which are a whole class higher
         than values required by the GOST R 51263-99 standard;

    ? buildings made of Simprolit elements offer to their residents exceptional durability and
         comfortable living conditions;

    ? Simprolit structures and elements do not pollute the environment, neither during
         production nor during the long-lasting exploitation period;

    ? Simprolit structures and elements can be defined as "dry" (no more than 4% humidity).
         When exposed to flood or other natural disasters, Simprolit elements dry very quickly,
         without any loss of strength or other thermo-physical properties;

    ? possible application in all climate regions of the world, from arctic to tropical zone;
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