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Simprolit blocks for facade and partition walls clearly distinguish themselves from
other Simprolit products by their unique relation between: quality - low thermal
conductivity - durability -good soundproofing - good waterproofing - small weight
of structure - cost-effectiveness.

These blocks have excellent sanitary-epidemiological properties, which are a
whole class higher than values required by the GOST R 51263-99 standard.
Buildings made with Simprolit blocks are not just very comfortable to live in
(according to GOST 30494-96), but also ecologically suitable (according to GOST
30775-2011 and GOST R 51769-2001).

Walls made of Simprolit blocks are declared as ''dry'' (with less than 4% humidity).
In case of plumbing damage and excessive water flow, wet walls dry quickly
without permanent loss of physical properties. When exposed to flood, walls made
with Simprolit blocks do not absorb water capillary the way that brick, Siporex,
gas concrete, expanded clay concrete or other similar materials do (walls made of
these other materials absorb water all along their height and afterwards it takes a
long period of time for them to dry - sometimes more than a year).

On the other hand, level of water absorbed by Simprolit blocks is just 3-4 cm
higher than the flood level and after the removal of the excess water Simprolit
block walls dry very quickly which is a fact that has been certified by the lab tests
conducted at the Institute for materials and structures - Faculty of Civil engineering
in Belgrade.
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